Loading the Canon – How Jertaker Might Blow Us Away in 2022

Loading the Canon – How Jertaker Might Blow Us Away in 2022

Only about a week into 2022, and we already have been teased quite a bit by Jertaker.

Jertaker has had plenty of ups and downs regarding wins and losses. But this 2022, many believe he will be going even harder this year. Word is out from the fellow TikToker/Content Creator “Seven1SixBlock” that he participated in one of Jertaker’s extreme hot challenge antics. He showed proof in a TikTok of him doing the Paqui One Chip Challenge and mentioned to fans to blow up Jertaker’s social media to get him to drop it. Hinting another Paqui One Chip Challenge video is coming from Jertaker. With Jertaker’s track record with hot challenge videos, many believe this will be just as great or better than all the rest, especially since it will be the second time doing this challenge. The word is that he came up with a way to spice up doing the challenge to make it crazier than it already is.

Jertaker has tons in store for his followers that he said he plans on releasing. He also teased a feature in a single called “Big Check,” starring Buffalo’s own KB the Champion. This teaser contained an act at the beginning of the music video. This acting skit shows that KB the Champion and Jertaker are likely to pursue acting. All on top of their long list of endeavors. These types of incorporations into music are immense, especially since Jertaker has been a content creator for a long time. Hopefully, we will get to see more of these crossings between music and acting/content creation.

What’s coming up for Jertaker:

Next weekend, Jertaker will be performing alongside many others at the event presented by the BET & WNY’s Music & Arts Movement. “Rock The City Music Showcase The Pandemic Tour” hosted by Lizzy Chanel “The Influencer” and judged by KB the Champion, FashionGod Preee from BET, and radio personality: DJ Bandana Black. This performance will be on January 15th, 2022, from 3 PM-10 PM. It was recently relocated to Groove Lounge on Broadway in Buffalo, NY. Thanks to KB the Champion, it will be the first time the BET has come to Buffalo for an event. Winners will receive a $1000.00 cash prize, a trip to awards, and to be on the “Welcome To Time Square (Podcast) in NYC, along with a performance in NYC. So, this should be something great to look forward to and attend.

Jertaker claims he hadn’t even begun to expose the surface of all that he has planned for this year. So, we will have to see what Jertaker has in store for us. Hopefully, much to come.

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