Lootie’s hypebeast mystery boxes are taking the world by storm

Lootie’s hypebeast mystery boxes are taking the world by storm

A revolutionary has swept the eCommerce industry — mystery boxes. The coronavirus has put a stop to the ‘normal’ shopping life for most customers. Gone are the days where you can peruse the rows of your favourite supermarket or store at will — in many countries, you aren’t given permission at all, and in others, you are made to wear a face mask at all times. It’s just not the same experience as being truly free: finding new items on the shelves and being excited by new things you didn’t even know existed.

When it comes to the usual online shopping experience (think Amazon or eBay), it has become a relatively tedious process. First, we think of the item we want. We then search it up and look at review comparison sites. These sites have rankings to tell us, without a shadow of a doubt, which product will be the best for us. We pick the item that seems most appropriate, search it up on an online catalog, and buy it right there and then. There’s no excitement in that — no fun and no sense of thrill.

Mystery box online websites are changing up the scene, with Lootie right in the front. With a mystery box purchase, you don’t know exactly what you are going to get: you can purchase a box with a given type or brand, but the exact product that you will receive remains a mystery until the unboxing. This is why it’s called a ‘mystery’ box, and it’s just what keeps the eCommerce experience entertaining. In the post-coronavirus era of restrictions and boredom, sites like Lootie are paving the way for a brand new shopping experience — one that feels way more thrilling than browsing the shelves of a real-life store — despite the fact that the entire shopping experience can be had in the comfort of your own home! Among the other big names, Lootie stands out as one of the best mystery box sites.

On Lootie, in order to get started, all you need to do is make an account and head to the boxes page. You can go for official Lootie boxes, or you can have a look at user-created ones as well. Each box tells you which prizes they hold within — one box can have tens of different prizes (with a variety of items, regardless of whether it’s a Shoe mystery box or a Supreme box logo), and each time you open it, you don’t know exactly what you will get. All you know is, you are guaranteed to get one prize from the given selection. This is especially useful for indecisive people, who know what sort of product they want (eg. an Apple mystery box, some Hypebeast shoes, maybe some Off White Box merch…) but don’t aren’t exactly sure of the specific item they want. With Lootie, they don’t have to make the tough decision — it’s simple and easy with a single unboxing.

Lootie is, like similar eCommerce platforms, not the original manufacturer of the items — that is, they ship the products to you directly from the stores every time you do an unboxing. This can sometimes be a problem on other sites, such as eBay or Alibaba. Anywhere where there is a third-party merchant, the propensity for scamming or dishonesty opens up — we’ve heard countless stories of eBay buyers receiving the wrong item, or something turns up faulty… Amazon is a trustworthy website in general, if you stick to products sent directly from their warehouses. But if you go for third-party sellers on Amazon, it’s a major risk, since there are countless people who receive broken/faulty shipments from third-party sellers every single month. This is a huge problem with fragile tech products (accessible on Lootie via the Gaming mystery box) where third-party shipments from eBay often arrive with broken screens or missing buttons!
With Lootie, the frustrating game of finding trusted platforms is over. As an eCommerce platform, Lootie provides a 100% guarantee for each of its items — you are sure to receive the right product (and of course, a functioning one), otherwise you get a refund. This money-back guarantee is not something that is in place in every other store — for example, Alibaba will often defect a dispute to an external mediator. With Lootie, you rest easy in the knowledge that your purchase will arrive at your doorstep safe and sound. For goods such as shoes and clothing, Lootie has teamed up with StockX, which provides verification services. These are scrutinous, ensuring that every streetwear merchandise item that comes to you from Lootie is authentic and in mint condition. Every Yeezy box or Hypebeast box you open will guarantee a genuine prize reaching your doorstep.

It’s truly a joy to watch Lootie set this example, since every time some other site makes an improvement to their services, we see other players in the market try to adjust the same parameters as well in order to keep their service up to the same standard. Lootie as a mystery box platform is thrilling, trusted, and amazingly enjoyable. We can’t wait to see what Lootie has next in store for the streetwear industry. All we know is — they are setting an example for this road, and it’s a road every competitor has their eye on. 

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