Mamta Mot: Creating a unique success story in the world of social media and radio

Mamta Mot: Creating a unique success story in the world of social media and radio

She had had her own sweet journey to success, which she attributes to her hard work and passion.

Entering any business industry or field in itself can prove to be a daunting task, let alone making it huge in the same. However, there definitely have been many individuals and professionals who, for years, have remained steadfast in their careers and journeys and have consistently given it their all in order to reach the highest of the highs in their desired industries. Among them, we saw how Mamta Saraswat Mot did the same, emerging as a one-of-a-kind versatile talent and creating a unique success story in the world of social media and radio. This incredible Indian talent is all about her passion for her work, and she attributes the same and her hard work to the sweet success path she has created for herself in her chosen niches.

Mamta Mot, a 1977-born incredible woman from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has truly taken the name of her state to greater prominence levels in all these years, thanks to the outstanding contributions she has made through her work, be it as a vocalist, singing in Rajasthani and Bollywood genres, programming producer on radio, a radio jockey or as an Administrative Assistant in the International Institute of Management, Jaipur. Her extensive work profile has always brought her massive name and recognition, and her growing presence has what gone ahead in even inspiring the youth of the state and beyond.

She thought to leverage the same and enter the social media realm as well, turning into a blogger on her Instagram. Since 2021, she has been growing her presence on the digital medium with compelling content that relates to lifestyles and her passion for sarees and weaves of India. She loves speaking and creating content on the fabrics of India, focusing mainly on the Rajasthani weaves like Bagru and Dabu prints. Today, she is also a business owner with Gulabo Vastra, her clothing brand that radiates the richness of Indian sarees and clothing.

The Charter President of the Rotary Club Jaipur Sankalp has also received several recognitions and laurels in her career. To know more, follow her on Instagram @invogue_naari.