Mango has invested in Ziknes, a startup that specializes in 3D printing architecture

Mango has invested in Ziknes, a startup that specializes in 3D printing architecture

Funding for the robotic 3D printing platform project, which produces furniture out of recycled materials, will come from the Mango StartUp Studio accelerator.

Mango, a prominent fashion brand in Europe, is investing in Ziknes via its accelerator program, Mango StartUp Studio. The Valencia-based startup creates robotic 3D printing technologies and software that enable recyclable materials to be printed in a matter of minutes from design to completion.

Through the investment, Ziknes enters an acceleration program that will enable them to understand firsthand how Mango functions and expand their business strategy. The company will receive financial support in the form of a convertible participation loan. In addition, the company’s professionals in fields like furniture design and product design will provide guidance and mentorship to the Ziknes team.

Mango StartUp Studio is a fashion start-up accelerator established by the company with the objective of fostering innovation within the company, identifying novel prospects for growth, and engaging in the creation of innovative technology or business models. In order to do this, Mango StartUp Studio searches for businesses and concepts that are in the early stages of development and invests seed money in them in order to bring innovation to the fashion industry value chain and enhance the clientele’s experience. Along with all the links in the value chain, from product creation and sourcing to distribution, the accelerator prioritizes interest in two areas: technology and sustainability.

Since its founding in 2022, Mango StartUp Studio has made five investments. Up till now, the accelerator has funded a variety of start-ups, including the technological start-up Union Avatars, which creates a platform for digital identity and the creation of avatars in various styles, and the sustainability start-up Recovo, which specializes in the resale of textile waste.

In order to increase productivity, flexibility, and sustainability in manufacturing, Ziknes was established in 2021 with the goal of revolutionizing the industry by fusing robotics with 3D printing. The startup is dedicated to using low-energy technology with an emphasis on reducing wasteful material usage.