Marcus432 Pushing Through Cultural Barriers

Marcus432 Pushing Through Cultural Barriers

It is no surprise to see music artists come and go nowadays due to the tough nature of the industry. Marcus432 however seems to be built with more grit readying himself for what may come his way.

Marcus432 is a rising American rapper based out of the Bay Area. The self-taught artist and audio engineer has released many songs like “Fly Gain” as well as opened for the famous artist Blueface. These accolades did not however come so easy as the Bay Area artist has had to jump a few hurdles before he could taste success.

One hurdle Marcus432 had to face is being a white rapper in a predominantly black rap culture. When Marcus432 first started out, he knew that he had talent but was afraid that he wouldn’t be accepted as a rapper because of his skin color. This is because typically in rap culture, “street cred” is important to be validated. Marcus432 however grew up in a middle-class lifestyle and didn’t have that. Marcus432 said, “I always knew I was privileged and felt an uncontrollable guilt that I had it easier than others.” 

While most people would get discouraged in this situation and quit, Marcus432 used it to his advantage. He felt the chip on his shoulder to work even harder to be recognized for his talent. He did this by producing, recording, and engineering his own music so that he could get his music out to as many ears as possible. The more exposure he got, the more people learned that he could rap. Shortly after, Marcus432 grew a fanbase and began doing shows which showcased his talents even more. 

Marcus432 has been through many mental trials on his journey but has seemed to overcome them. Being an underdog in an industry not meant for him to succeed has given him the fuel needed to push through when times get tough. 

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