Mark Jeffries, Head of Partnerships at Talks About the Future of PR

Mark Jeffries, Head of Partnerships at Talks About the Future of PR

It was great to sit down with Mark Jeffries from FamousInfluencer in our Los Angeles office to discuss the PR world, his work and future plans.

Do you consider PR an art or a science?

It’s a combination. It is a science because it incorporates the use of data. It also relies heavily on the science of human behaviour. PR specialists must be able to anticipate human behaviour. In order to trigger a particular response (that is an attraction to a product or service) they use certain stimuli (press releases, videos etc.).

But it is also an art. PR specialists must be creative if they are to grasp and hold the attention of the target audience.  They have to merge their artistic and literary talents as they create captivating discourses geared at promoting the brands they represent.

Where do you see PR trends going in the next five years?

It is clear that technology will continue to shape the way PR is done for the foreseeable future, including the next five years. As the digital world continues to transform the way people consume information, players in all communications based field’s like PR will have to keep pace. Social media platforms and ICT will become even more crucial as tools for engagement that every PR professional needs. The shift towards more video and interactive content will continue as consumers continue to demand it.

What is your take on the predicted merger of PR and marketing for the future?

It is true that PR and marketing teams have been working closer and closer, but I’m not sure if I consider that a sign of a future merger. That doesn’t mean merger is out of the question either. In fact, in some ways it is already taking place. In some businesses, the marketing and PR departments are one and the same. But even where there is this full merger, the department will still need the clear distinction between those who perform the marketing duties and those who carry out the PR roles.  And since the volume of work required to establish and maintain a business will still remain vast the need for a team of PR experts to handle brand publicity will always exist.

Which traditional PR tools do you think will endure the test of time?

Without a doubt, the databank of contacts will remain an important tool for any PR expert. It may take a more digitized form however it will always remain necessary. I also believe that regardless of how technology changes communication, PR professionals will always need to be able to express themselves convincingly and with clarity in order to succeed in the business.

How Prepared is to meet this future? is fully prepared to embrace the future of PR. In addition to being fully up to date with all the latest in digital technology we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry constantly. No new development passes us by and there’s ever a new innovation of which we’re unaware.  And as it pertains to the predicted merger of PR and marketing, our team is well prepared for that eventuality as well. Our flexible team members are fully capable of adjusting as the demands of the job change.