McDonald’s M&M McFlurrys are presently sauce-less

McDonald’s M&M McFlurrys are presently sauce-less

No, the hot fudge sauce machine isn’t broken at Mcdonald’s.

It won’t come standard any longer on M&M McFlurrys because of a change of sugar content rules – however you can pay 50c to add it back on.

McFlurrys are a “global core product” for the fast food chain however the M&M variety must be switched up the world to meet new criteria for sugar levels, which M&M provider Mars had set up.

“We’ve had to remove the fudge sauce from the M&M McFlurry to reduce the overall sugar content, in line with a supplier’s global rules,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

A McFlurry consists of whipped, soft serve McDonald’s vanilla-flavoured ice cream in a cup with toppings.

The M&M McFlurry and Oreo McFlurry are its two permanent McFlurry.

The M&M McFlurry, which costs $5.70, had hot fudge sauce and mini M&Ms on top, while the Oreo McFlurry just had crumbed Oreo biscuts, so met sugar guidelines.

Mars has supported the World Health Organisation’s guidance that additional sugar ought to be under 10% of an individual’s daily calorie intake.

At the point when we ordered an M&M McFlurry from a New Plymouth McDonald’s it accompanied a more modest than-usual amount of hot fudge topping.

The McDonald’s representative said that was presumably in light of the fact that the change will officially occur on October 19. A few outlets had already rolled out the improvement yet some had not.

“We understand this will be disappointing for some McFlurry fans, but unfortunately we are required to make the change in order to still be able to offer the M&M McFlurry,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers are able to add hot fudge sauce if they wish.”