McDonald’s offers burger made by Michelin star-rated chef overseas

McDonald’s offers burger made by Michelin star-rated chef overseas

Fast-food truly is better overseas. McDonald’s is quite possibly the most popular fast-food franchises in the United States and individuals are certainly enthusiasts of the food. That being said, the restaurant’s burgers typically aren’t made by award-winning chefs.

That is not the case overseas, in any case.

McDonald’s in Denmark collaborated with Paul Cunningham, a Michelin star awarded chef, for another burger, Eat This, Not That reports. The chef is supposedly one of the most respected cooks in Denmark.

His burger is known as the Homestyle Bearnaise and is right now just accessible in the Danish market.

On its website, McDonald’s Denmark expresses, “Our new Homestyle Bearnaise is developed by gourmet chef Paul Cunningham. It consists of 100% beef, Bearnaise sauce, potato sticks, smoked onion puree, roasted onions, salad and melted cheese with cheddar – all in a delicious soft brioche bun.”

While the burger isn’t accessible in the United States, the restaurant actually has new products for its clients to get amped up for.

Fox News recently detailed that McDonald’s is launching another Crispy Chicken Sandwich cross country on February 24. The sandwich had recently been tested in restaurants in Knoxville, Tenn., and Houston, Texas.

The sandwich, as it was offered in Knoxville and Houston, highlighted a fried chicken filet served on a potato roll, topped with butter and pickles, while the deluxe version included tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. A spicy version will likewise be accessible.

This sandwich is the most recent offering in the thing is being referred to as the chicken sandwich wars. In 2019, Popeyes released a chicken sandwich which proceeded to turn out to be unfathomably famous and momentarily sold out cross country. From that point forward, most cheap food chains have reported that comparative chicken sandwiches were being added to their menus also.

At this point, be that as it may, none of these sandwiches have apparently been made by Michelin awarded chefs.