MEAB: We’re one click away!

MEAB: We’re one click away!

Today’s world has changed drastically after the Covid-19 outbreak which requires everyone to limit contact with others and practice social distancing. Through all this difficult time, MEAB was able to fall back on social media to stay close to the clients and help them with all their financial needs and questions. 

MEAB bank considers social media as an important platform necessary for building relationships with customers as well as an opportunity to connect with customers outside the sales conventional process. By using social media platforms, clients can interact with the bank multiple times and in turn it allows the bank to build a real relationship through customer satisfaction and value-added content.

Nowadays, our new products are marketed through our social media platforms that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages. This way, the clients can get updated information on the offered products & services and in turn these platforms allow them to post reviews or comment, send inquiries or complaints which the marketing team then sends to the concerned departments to promote action and follow up.

This direct engagement with the clients allows us to measure customer satisfaction and learn more about their wants, their preferences and in turn allows us to customize more packages and offers that reflect the need of the market. This new digital era allowed MEAB bank to provide better customer service, post educational information and financial advice and tips, and share upcoming promotions and new products. 

Nowadays a social media presence has become a necessity because it allows us to build a transparent relationship with our clients and learn from their comment which in turn will push us to develop and sell better products. At MEAB we see social media as a two way link to our clients where we give as much as we get and in turn form an even stronger community.