Meet Amar Patel – The Man Whose Multi Vitamins Kept India Strong through COVID-19 Lockdown

Meet Amar Patel – The Man Whose Multi Vitamins Kept India Strong through COVID-19 Lockdown

While a lot of businesses have been hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and are still struggling to stand on their feet, the one industry that saw a boom was the medical and healthcare one. While Coronavirus made it to the news, people thronged to medical stores in a bid to stock up on hand sanitizers, masks and also nutrition supplements. With this, the nutrition sector saw a huge boom and also responsibility to provide the correct supplements to the customers, a job that entrepreneur, health and nutrition expert Amar Patel did brilliantly.

In fact, a huge amount of the nutrition supplements consumed during the COVID-19 lockdown came in from Amar’s company and that was a huge gain in business. His sales, in the one week of March alone when the lockdown was initiated were 415%. And with his products coming in highly recommended in the market, Amar’s sales this year have reached 160%.

If you are even a little bit familiar with the world of nutrition, Amar Patel is a well-known name. He is considered one of the leading manufacturers of dietary and multi vitamin supplements and products in the markets today. Amar has been in the healthcare and nutrition industry for the past 8 years now and solidified his brand as a leading manufacturer of the same. In fact, Amar is a well-known name in the nutrition market and he conducts business with leading names in the fitness industry worldwide.

One look at Amar’s social media profile and you’ll see that he is a fitness freak. Well, practice what you speak right? And given Amar’s immense success in the field of health and nutrition, comes from an in-depth understanding of how the human body needs supplements too from time to time to aid in good health, exercising and a healthy diet. One of the other reasons why Amar’s business stands out from those of his competitors, is that he makes sure to associate with only those top-quality brands that come highly recommended in the market and are mentioned in lists like Forbes. Well, an entrepreneur dedicated to offer only the best to his consumers! That’s what defines Amar Patel.

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