Meet Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines, changing the game of dermatology with her long years ofexperience and expertise.

Meet Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines, changing the game of dermatology with her long years of
experience and expertise.

She serves as one of the founders of her state-of-the-art medical clinic called Medicinae, specialized in acne therapies, and is the creator of the Acne Revolution® method.

Wondrous are all those success stories that have been created from the ground up and have been made out of pure love and passion for something. What is even more incredible is that more and more women are coming forward to take over their chosen industries and emerge as visionary personalities in the same. Take, for example, the medical realm, which is rocked by many such incredibly talented and specialized doctors. Among them, making her name prominent as a one-of-a-kind dermatologist and specialist in Aesthetic Dermatology is Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines, who has been changing the game of the said medical domain with her long years of experience and expertise.

Dr. Ines Mordente is one of the founders of her state-of-the-art medical clinic Medicinae, specialized in acne therapies. They already have an enormous clientele, which sees over 20,000 patients a year treated with personalized protocols for skin problems, specifically with acne and post acne spots/scars, with a therapeutic success rate of over 90% of cases, even in the most complex ones. Dr. Ines Mordente deals with aesthetic and dermo-aesthetic medicine using innovative therapeutic protocols, new generation techniques, and laser and surgical methodologies. Her years of expertise in the medical world have helped her go beyond and rise as a real scientific popularizer, a dermamed coach, or a doctor-coach who loves training people to take care of their skin, reinstalling self-confidence and determination in patients.

What attracted more attention towards her was her constant innovations in the dermatology niche and her introduction of the Acne Revolution® method, which allows people to turn their imperfect skin into radiant and healthy skin in a short time. Her book by the same name was published by Sperling & Kupfer, where she dived deep into making readers understand their skin and deal with acne in the most effective way by investigating the causes, advantages, and disadvantages of possible therapies, the relationship with nutrition, hormones, microbiota and more.

The Naples-based doctor and specialist, for her passion for medicine, had graduated in Medicine and Surgery at a very young age (24) at the Second University of Naples, with honors and applause from the commission and throughout her career attained various accolades, scholarships, and recognition. Dr. Ines Mordente also serves as the author of numerous scientific publications in national and international journals and has remained a speaker at several international conferences. She even has been a teacher at the Master of Aesthetic Medicine at the Universities of Palermo, Bari, Chieti, and Verona, and a tutor at various international companies.

Talking about her future goals, Dr. Ines Mordente says that she has a very important project in place, which will help the optimization of reservations, and reduction of waiting times, therefore increasing the possibility for everyone to take advantage and enjoy my Acne Revolution® method.

Dr. Ines Mordente is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of dermatology.

Instagram: @inesmordentedermatologa