Meet George Thomas McCormick the successful Entrepreneur who started his career at the age of 13

Meet George Thomas McCormick the successful Entrepreneur who started his career at the age of 13

It is often awe-inspiring to think about how early some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs got their start. Many of them simply had a fantastic idea and then just worked their butts off to make it a reality. George Thomas McCormick, who is the founder of one of the UK’s fastest-growing Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agencies, only started at the age of 13.

Success can come at any age, “I got my first taste of entrepreneurship when I was 13 years old” said McCormick. There’s no “magic pill” that effortlessly launches you out of your 9-5 cubicle confinement and into the free world of entrepreneurship. For some, the dream to be your own boss grows for a long time, even years, before it finally comes to fruition. The truth is that great success in business grows from just one, tiny seed.

George Thomas McCormick has successfully helped over 100 businesses to grow through his advertising agency. It is not easy being an ad agency these days in the ever-changing world of social media. Yet, George Thomas McCormick and his agency prove that it is still possible to not only rise to these challenges but to succeed wildly.

Every entrepreneur has a different story about why he or she decided to start a business. Some have known from day one that they wanted to work for themselves and others come up with ideas while working for someone else and decide to take the entrepreneurial leap. While the growth narrative is compelling, the story about how McCormick started and continues to grow is equally interesting. It points to a talented, dedicated individual that ignores the noise around him to focus on what he does best: delivering big time for their clients and brands.

George Thomas McCormick’s marketing agency offers social media management, PPC and social media advertising services. With less than 50 team members, the agency aims to help companies increase their sales through social media marketing. They are well known as one of the only agencies in the industry to offer a guarantee on results or your money back. This has helped the agency to skyrocket to success, along with many businesses they have worked with.

As many entrepreneurs know, dedicating time and energy to a business venture is a job all on its own. It takes willpower to start a business at any age, but starting your first enterprise at a very young age can be very challenging. Yet, some of the most famous CEOs got their big ideas while still a teenager.

George who was born in London sets out to be his own boss and prove that hard work and dedication are what truly bring you fulfillment. Growing into an adult, George decided to take an alternate route to success by pursuing a career as an Entrepreneur instead of joining his friends at universities.