Meet James Meeker, World Traveler

Meet James Meeker, World Traveler

What travelling have you done most recently?

July marked one year since I first arrived in Australia. I spent a month in Sydney, then took my motorhome north to Brisbane and onto Cairns. Then I was actually on a cruise that would sail around the world in 140 days.  I got to see parts of South America and Antarctica which was amazing.In March it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I ended up back in Cairns, where I’m waiting for everything to reopen so I can continue on.

What makes you different from other people who are travelling the world?

A follower of mine told me. “Maybe I take beautiful photos, but your photos have more spirit and fun.” I’m just here to share the fun experiences I have while I travel. I don’t want to sell you anything. Hopefully people feel like they’ve joined me on the journey.

What drives you to keep doing this every day?

I’m so committed to it that going back is harder than going forward. I sold everything I own. I bought a motorhome here in Australia. Why not keep going and see where I end up?

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