Meet “Nimisha Bansal”, An educator who believes in education and personality development for all.

Meet “Nimisha Bansal”, An educator who believes in education and personality development for all.

Nimisha Bansal is one of the top educators of English in India who has successfully coached over lakhs of students countrywide. She is also an author of some of the bestselling books of English guides like Vocab Prodigy and The Perfection Book. Praised and acknowledged for her dedication towards her more so committed students, Nimisha has proved to be an unconventional teacher who not only believes in providing the best of education but also takes efforts to polish the capabilities of her students.

She has taken a step further to introduce a course in Spoken English. This 90 days course focuses on imbibing the basic to advance level of English speaking skills, teaching the art of presenting your views impressively, and ways to groom yourself for an attractive personality. It covers grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing, and business English skills within the framework.

The motto behind this initiative stemmed from the fact that other than government job aspirants, people of various age groups also want to become fluent English speakers and want to enhance their personality. Given that age is just a number, Nimisha’s Spoken English course is designed for anyone who has the zeal to learn. So anyone who wishes to earn fluency can join this certified course on the Nimisha Bansal App. From modules like grammar, sentence framing, translations, and situation-based learning to delivering presentations, group discussions, extempores, and confidence-building, this course consists of everything that a beginner needs to start with. Furthermore, she is also delivering free classes on the same subject on her growing Youtube channel as well.

Nimisha Bansal is an optimistic and encouraging teacher who is contributing to changing the way people look at the English language in India. She is a teacher who infers the words of Martin Luther King, “Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.”

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