Meet Pierrick Jamaux: An ace digital entrepreneur embarking on a journey in the financial realm

Meet Pierrick Jamaux: An ace digital entrepreneur embarking on a journey in the financial realm

Revolutionizing the financial world by offering feeless and seamless next-generation financial services through “hi” project is Pierrick Jamaux.

The onset of the 21st century has seen a flurry of new inventions, ideas, strategies, businesses, startups, and new set of entrepreneurs. One thing that has amazed everyone is the uprising and emergence of young entrepreneurs who with their unique ideas have taken over current markets and have set a huge benchmark for others to follow. The growth and potential that these young entrepreneurs have shown and promised is one tale to tell and shared with everyone across the world. We came across one winner who has been in the league of his own and his on route to etch his name in gold in the books of business realm by shinning  in the niche segment of cryptocurrency, blockchain business and other financial aspects- Pierrick Jamaux.

Born and brought up in Versailles, France, Pierrick Jamaux was a bright kid inclined towards academics with mathematics being his strong ground as subject. Having pursued his graduation from Ecole Centrale, Paris which is one of the topmost engineering schools, Pierrick , worked as a Trader in several banks in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong. Pierrick has also built his own business of luxury concierge business. His first entry point into the world of cryptocurrency was to facilitate worldwide payments for concierge platform. After selling his concierge business to a tech company, Pierrick wanted to explore more about the trending and dynamic industry of cryptocurrency. He is part of an exciting and one-of-a-kind project named “hi” project which is based on block chain technology.

“hi” is not-for-profit financial services platform that provides next-generation banking services that are feeless and seamless. Pierrick  opines that “The company aims at giving access to financial services to anyone with access to a phone and proper identification documents. Our revolutionary concept consists of using blockchain technology and our own membership token (the hi Dollar) to minimize fees and maximize membership value, while making members the primary stakeholders of a simplified version of banking”.

With a proficient team of savvy entrepreneurs, digital technologists and blockchain professionals working with Pierrick, together they want to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain services to a global audience and make financial services and transactions readily available to millions of customers by facilitating through an easy process of a text message.  

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