Meet rising artist Flava RPK from Georgia

Meet rising artist Flava RPK from Georgia

Rising Artist and star in his hometown Flava RPK plans to taking over the rap scenery. He grew up in Georgia where he use to freestyle a lot with his teammates at school and decided to try and record some singles after getting some buzz in his hometown. He started taking his music skills serious about 3 years ago in 2020 when he gained a lot of traction off his freestyles and had received many reactions. Flava RPK sound is unique. He strive to always put his own style and vocals into his melody and wavy beats when he records. His influences are Lil Wayne, and Gucci mane who he claims are like his mentors but artists he listens to on the daily basis are rap stars like rylo, No cap, NBA, lil baby, drake etc..

When asking where Flava RPK sees himself in 5 years he stated that he sees rap as a business but when he’s rapping he’s having fun with it. He plans on taking his talents to the industry and the world where he wants all of his achievements. As unique as he his with the sound and style of his music gesture, Flava RPK haven’t been offered any deals but plans to shop soon if offers are being made and brought to the table.

We know in todays world social media plays a big part into the music scene. Social media has expanded Flava RPK as an artist he feels that even tho the market is flooded he’s not in competition he’s in his own lane. This artist isn’t only known in Georgia, but he’s also has good reputation else where. He’s been to a good bit of states but he’s focused more on out of the country trips. This artist gets the most love from his close friend/family and on the road from randoms fans and supporters.

Flava RPK latest project is Flava knievel which he has recently dropped on all digital platforms and streaming services. He has have a couple of singles he’s going to drop with videos along with his latest project. Flava RPK plans to work with bigger artist to expand his sound and music to a larger audience with artists such as Rylo, no cap , drake, ice spice and even Billie Eilish and more. His advice he shares to other upcoming artists is to have your funds right because you have to invest in yourself a lot.

Flava RPK has his foot on the pedal and isn’t letting up. You can find his music on all platforms Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube etc …