Meet Ronnie Kokas…”The Nightlife King”

Meet Ronnie Kokas…”The Nightlife King”

You can’t say exclusive without mentioning Ronnie Kokas. Since a young man, Ronnie has made way for himself in the hospitality industry. Starting as an associate at Ralph Lauren’s to Bartender in Hell’s Kitchen’s finest establishments, he is a man known for putting his customers first. Ronnie is now a partner at Etiquette Management. He manages and organizes high end parties and events for very important clients throughout the nation.

Ronnie is known for organizing a variety of different events. Hosting well known celebrities, Hip hop artists, DJ’s, movie stars, etc. Ronnie’s events are frequented by big name celebrities like Lil Uzi Vert  to 50 cent.

Ronnie’s name is synonymous with success. Though he is a well sought after business man, he always knows the right moment to let loose, and many of his events are talked about long after the occasion.

Ronnie and his team continue to add more to their repertoire  making them the most recommended in their field. Are you ready to bring the wildest party/ event you can imagine to life? Call Ronnie Kokas.

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