Meet Simone Ferretti, making significant waves in the world of media and business.

Meet Simone Ferretti, making significant waves in the world of media and business.

As a youngster, he has been able to excel as a model, Italian professional photo/videographer, content creator, coach, consultant and what not.

The way certain industries and businesses are growing today at exponential rates, it is a great sight to behold, looking at how these industries have been on the rise with major contributions from the many young talents of the world.

These individuals have exuded pure passion, determination and grit in believing in their dreams and turning the same into a beautiful reality for them, focusing on their visions to make it big in their chosen industries. The media and the business world have so far welcomed innumerable such talents, but some of them have gone ahead in creating their unique niche, not just by optimizing the opportunities in front of them but by also creating new ones for massive growth and success. Simone is one amongst these youngsters from Italy who has been making a lot of buzz as a multi-skilled professional in the media and business world.

He began as a professional model at 19 years of age and got second place in the ‘Mister Italy’ beauty competition, one of the most coveted in Italy. Working in Milan, later he moved to Hong Kong in 2017 to continue working as a model and a personal trainer as well. Today, he is a professional photo/videographer with a strong passion for personal development. Making videos while in Hong Kong was something he began as a fun activity but later realized it could also turn into a profession. He purchased his first camera and worked each day harder to hone his creative skills as a videographer, targeting social media. His USP became creating highly impactful multiple 10/20 second videos, showcasing products and services, which got him many projects along with big brands like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong and many more.

In 2019, Simone moved to London for studying business. Here, he focused on growing his online momentum and prominence through Photography tutorials on TikTok and Instagram. Even without any professional equipment during the first lockdown in the UK, Simone began utilizing his modelling experience, combining it with his video skills to create engaging and short tutorials. This further created more buzz around him and his content and grew his TikTok and Instagram to 500k+ and 100k+, respectively.

Simone also realized his keen interest in teaching others, which helped him develop online courses about photography and social media. He does all this while consistently creating content for social media, making videos for international brands and working as a social media consultant for taking brands and people to the next level.