Meet Technocrat Entrepreneur Jai Sharma, Neo of the matrix of Online Marketing World

Meet Technocrat Entrepreneur Jai Sharma, Neo of the matrix of Online Marketing World

Serial entrepreneur Jai Sharma is well known for turning many struggling start-ups from 0 to multi-million dollar brands with his techniques and strategies, in the last 5 years. Jai is also known as one of the top software sellers in the marketing circle with a record of producing over 24, six-figure flash sales campaigns. His projects witnessed $100K revenue in less than seven days on every single project.

Recently, In one of his speeches, he spoke on how important it is for every entrepreneur and business owner to have a marketer’s mindset in the real world. He said, “If you go out to buy your grocery or shopping, identify a matrix of marketing around you in malls, on roads. Once you realize the pattern, you will awaken as a marketer, which will help you in your own business to boost up your ROI”.

“A headline on those billboards, selection of keywords, font, images which grabbed your attention, It’s all created perfectly after research to sell things to you – a consumer. Identify upsells when add-on services were given or sold to you during shopping or movies or purchasing a new car”, he added. Once you are awakened as a marketer, you acquire half the knowledge needed to master the art of selling; the rest is all about practicing on how to implement psychology in sales, testing & improving on results.

He has mastered the art of marketing and sales himself and focuses on sharing his knowledge with people. He believes that marketing is not just about reaching the customer via mail, message, or other means. Still, the way you interact and engage with your prospect and the crux of turning them into sales lies deep in marketing at a psychological level. Currently empowering and helping over 124,000 businesses worldwide, he is passionate about using new technologies to boost sales for entrepreneurs community around the world.

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