Meet The Construction Entrepreneur Who Runs Multimillion-Dollar Businesses Stephen Scoggins

Meet The Construction Entrepreneur Who Runs Multimillion-Dollar Businesses Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins went from sleeping in a car to constructing multimillion-dollar businesses, Stephen Scoggins is a spokesperson to individuals seeking entry to the entrepreneurial world. “What I would like to be known for is how many lives I can help to create positive changes within their lives. My heart is to create a legacy that outlives my existence by changing the lives of others for the better.” Stephen has incorporated his philanthropic beliefs into his work to empower those around him to look beyond themselves.

His deep faith in viewing the hearts of others has led his career to inspire and motivate others to do the same. He has been the host of the iHeart Radio show The Journey Principles with Stephen Scoggins and has been featured in numerous podcasts such as The TarHeal Traveler, EntreLeader Spotlight on, John Lee Dumas’ “Entrepreneur on Fire”, CEO’s to Know, The Conscious Millionaire, Steve Noble Show, Front Row Factor with Jon Vroman, EntreLeadership, and many more.

As a well-respected and nationally recognized business and life-mastery leader, Stephen continues to challenge and uplift people to break down the obstacles setting them back to reach their full potential. Stephen has taken over three decades of setbacks, failures, and losses and transparently incorporates those experiences to provide simple-yet-effective step-by-step lessons to help others reclaim their hope and proceed with their dreams.

At the age of 22, Stephen Scoggins launched a multimillion dollar construction company while sleeping in a friend’s car. Through his hopes and prayers, success began to evolve and he felt as if he was given a second-chance opportunity to construct his life. From that point, Stephen has continued to pay it forward through his creation of The Journey Principles Institute which is an organization dedicated to helping others go from stuck to unstoppable in the areas of life and business. With respect to his endeavor, Stephen became the best-selling author of The Journey Principles with recognition from media outlets including NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Grit Daily, and more.

Stephen Scoggins currently resides with his beautiful wife Karen, their two active teenage sons Justin and Tyler, and their pit bull mix rescue, Capone. His daughter Melanie and adorable grandson Jason are nearby all residing in the greater Raleigh, NC area.