Mercedes’ Autobahn Korea startup debuts nine new businesses

Mercedes’ Autobahn Korea startup debuts nine new businesses

This year’s Startup Autobahn Korea by Mercedes-Benz Korea, a 100-day initiative that supported nine new entrepreneurs, was successfully completed.

The German carmaker’s Korean division held an event on Thursday to present the project’s findings and to present its nine chosen companies, which are based in tech fields like artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles, and smart factories. Among them are AI startup Deepbrain AI, self-driving simulation company Morai, and smart factory solutions supplier SIZL.

Over the course of the last 100 days, the chosen businesses had the opportunity to work with major Korean companies such as Hanwha Systems, LG Electronics, and Mercedes-Benz Korea to develop their products. Additionally, development tools were given.

Depending on their outcomes, the startups will have more chances in the future to promote their goods.

Startup Autobahn is a global open innovation platform that was introduced by Mercedes-Benz Group AG in 2016 with the goal of finding potential businesses and forming cooperative relationships.

As of this year, Mercedes-Benz Korea has supported 40 businesses through Startup Autobahn Korea. With the exception of Germany, all seven nations where Mercedes-Benz runs the programs have the most encouraged startups: Korea.

“Startup Autobahn Korea is not only cultivating the Korean startup ecosystem, but also establishing the groundwork for global exchanges, allowing innovative technologies of promising companies to shine,” said Mathias Vaitl, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Korea.

“We will continue to offer more opportunities for exchange and collaboration with startups, empowering promising Korean companies to take on more active roles on the global stage.”