With the business firms encountering more problems as the crisis of the pandemic extends, many have taken to utilising online marketing in order to enhance and promote their sales. Many business firms are consulting marketing coaches to survive amidst the pandemic. Marketing coaches help a firm to expand their business beyond boundaries and help them reap profit from their business using technological assistance.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is one of the most notable business automation coaches who helps in building better working and management of businesses through online sites and social media. He has the ability to build and automate business systems that help business organizations in cost reduction and promotion of accountability.

He helps his business clients through a system called automation. He has a special skill at building systems around businesses and automating them. This automation enables him to drive down cost as well as create accountability for the businesses. His system that takes care of online marketing fully automates the prospecting phase of a business all the way until it becomes a sales call. He therefore, effectively automates the income and expense part of the business in such a way that the final numbers are accurate to date. He analyses each and every data that comes and goes out systematically and accurately.

His systems enable the building of a sequence from advertising platforms such as Facebook and ensuring that leads receive up to 12 touch points in 5 days. He takes specific care that he is always updated and uses highly advanced new generation technologies in his marketing procedures. His systems include Artificial intelligence tools that confirm appointments, cancel appointments, and even book appointments for some of his clients. Something of a rarity that only a numbered few makes use of. This increases the quality of the work as well as reduces the time required for getting a work done.

For works that require human interaction, Michael employs a large number of virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are employed to handle the complex tasks that cannot be automated but that are too important to be neglected. With this, he ensures that every work is completed without delay nor imperfection.

Apart from being an excellent marketing coach, MICHAEL is a complete family man. He has been married to Hunter Dallas-Petersen and is father to two children, both boys. Even with his tight schedule refraining him from engaging more into his personal life, he ensures that he spends quality time with his family, therefore having a proper work-life balance.

With his hardwork and passionate approach to his job, he is one of the major social media agency experts today.