Microsoft Introduces “Build with AI” to Provide AI Solutions to Startups

Microsoft Introduces “Build with AI” to Provide AI Solutions to Startups

Microsoft has announced the launch of “Build with AI,” a ground-breaking program designed to enable companies to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to create ground-breaking products. With the help of this new offering, which is housed within the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, founders may create and implement AI solutions more quickly by having access to customizable templates.

The newly designed templates provide founders with an expedient method for rapidly developing and introducing AI solutions. They can easily integrate ChatGPT with an application, use Python or JavaScript to link ChatGPT to an application’s data, or even build a ChatGPT plugin. These templates open with a single click in the founder’s favorite development tool, offering all the information required to comprehend, modify, and use them along with customization and troubleshooting recommendations.

The update comes with templates as well as an AI assistant that may help at any point during the startup process within the Founders Hub. Founders can use shortcuts on the homepage or a button on the top navigation bar to access this AI-powered assistant once they are in the Founders Hub. Within the Founders Hub platform, the devoted AI assistant is now ready to assist users and respond to their inquiries.

When a user interacts with the assistant, a chat box containing suggested questions or prompts appears, letting them ask their own questions. Founders may focus more on building their firms by streamlining their job and having more time to spare with these tools at their disposal.

As part of the Microsoft for Startups program, the Founders Hub is an initiative designed to help founders by helping them explore and develop solutions. With free access to generative AI models, up to $150,000 in Azure credits that may be applied to Azure AI, and professional coaching, the program boosts the growth of startups. Joining the Founders Hub gives founders—even those with just an idea—access to the technology, resources, and tools they need to design, develop, and launch their products.

Microsoft’s “Build with AI” campaign demonstrates the company’s dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and encouraging creativity in the AI sector. Microsoft wants to enable the development of innovative AI solutions that may spur growth and influence across a range of industries by arming founders with the tools and resources they need.