Microsoft Is Forming AI Habits Through Enjoyable One-month Sprints And Role-based Learning

Microsoft Is Forming AI Habits Through Enjoyable One-month Sprints And Role-based Learning

Microsoft has been concentrating on implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365 within its own UK organization since January of this year. Copilot is a generative-AI companion that is seamlessly integrated into the productivity tools that employees use on a daily basis, including Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft still needs to take a careful, methodical approach to promoting the adoption of Copilot across all departments, from sales and marketing to customer success, finance, and HR, despite the company’s focus on developing AI technologies.

Many of the actions and approaches being employed as part of the UK’s internal change management program are just as applicable and beneficial for any firm wanting to unleash the potential of generative AI, even though not every organization will have the same resources and technical knowledge as Microsoft.

In light of how Microsoft UK is promoting Copilot adoption and participation internally, the following are some crucial pointers:

Motivate The Leadership To Show Their Support and Buy In:

Because of the variety of jobs that generative AI can assist with, it is unlike any other technology that we have seen, which is why adopting generative AI as part of a corporate transformation program speeds up adoption. Instead than approaching it as a standalone IT department effort, leadership needs to openly encourage everyone to try and learn.

Use Time-limited Activities To Make It Enjoyable and Thrilling:

Microsoft UK recently announced the start of Copilot Month for March, an internal four-week sprint that encourages staff members to test the Copilot suite and offers a variety of entertaining methods to learn about how it may benefit them.

Form a project team to spearhead initiatives throughout the entire company:

Recently, Liz Leigh-Bowler, director of contemporary work go-to-market, was named the UK’s lead for Copilot adoption. To drive a ground-up approach that can upskill and excite the entire organization about the possibilities of the technology to help individuals thrive in their unique position, it is imperative to clearly outline these kinds of roles and responsibilities.

Provide Instruction Depending On Roles:

Additionally, Copilot Month offers both online and in-person training sessions that are specifically customized for each individual’s role and career stage. These range from quick 15-minute courses that concentrate on a single app, like Word, to more in-depth coaching training for managers that enables them to support their own teams.

Employees who take a proactive, tenacious attitude to everyday testing and learning will benefit more from generative AI. This entails scheduling time to pose a query or attempt a certain task, assess the outcome, and then try again. This is how Microsoft UK employees are forming new routines and discovering the most amazing applications for their specialized roles; consulting the Copilot Lab Prompt Library also greatly aids in this process.

Adopt A Multichannel Strategy When Offering Guidance and Support:

Microsoft UK has started a new limited season internal podcast called “This is your captain speaking.” Four episodes will be released throughout Copilot month, covering how to utilize the Copilot suite and offer advice on changing bad habits. Through the Viva Engage employee communication platform, Liz Leigh-Bowler has been using Copilot to assist in creating daily internal social posts and emails for colleagues.

“I’ve been sharing daily posts on Viva Engage during Copilot month. I used to find this kind of writing work pretty draining and it was hard to get in the right headspace for it, given the regular hustle and bustle of my week. Using Copilot to help draft them has cut the time it takes down from about half a day to 45 minutes, but more importantly I just enjoy the process so much more and have extra energy to focus on offering my colleagues exactly the right tips and support.”

The Benefits Are Worthwhile

According to research done thus far on the advantages of Copilot for early adopters, 29% of users reported being faster at a series of tasks (finding, writing, and summarizing), 70% of users said they are more productive, and 68% said it improves the quality of their work. In addition, users reported being able to catch up on missed meetings almost four times faster and spending less time processing emails, finishing a quality first draft, and locating necessary files. After using Copilot, almost 77% of users claimed they didn’t want to stop using it.

The overwhelming internal demand for Copilot, an extra feature that streamlines every tool, has surprised me much.

“We recently hosted events internally for International Women’s Day, including a panel about neurodiversity that had nothing to do with Copilot,” explains Liz. “One person happened to mention how, as they were dyslexic, Copilot had been a game changer as it could check their emails for them and removed a huge amount of anxiety from their day. Then all the other speakers, unprompted, began talking about how it helped them concentrate and communicate. It was just incredible feedback and very unusual to see such a response to a new technology.”

Account teams have also mentioned how much more present they can be with customers because to Copilot’s ability to record, transcribe, and summarize calls and meetings. In order to follow up with the appropriate inquiries and counsel, they should also make it quicker and simpler to evaluate and identify issues after the fact. As anticipated, Copilot reduces waiting times while simultaneously boosting employee morale and enhancing customer satisfaction.