Microsoft is going to release Surface notebooks with a real AI focus in 2024

Microsoft is going to release Surface notebooks with a real AI focus in 2024

Early in2024, a spring event is anticipated to be held by the Redmond, Washington-based business to unveil new Surface devices.

A few weeks ago, there was a story that stated Microsoft intended to deliver the next generation Windows client sometime in the middle of 2024. But hardware was a crucial component that was absent. In addition to creating the operating system, Microsoft also provides machines that feature its most recent software advancements. Given the recent changes in management (Panos Panay, the former CEO of Surface, is now at Amazon) and the odd disappearance of the two most popular Surface PCs, the question of what Surface will provide in 2024 seems understandable.

Microsoft is reportedly working hard on the next generation Surface Pro and laptop, with an announcement planned for the first half of 2024 (said to be in the spring). Not simply new chips inside, the Surface Pro “10” and Surface Laptop “6” will bring noteworthy upgrades all around.

In relation to chips, Microsoft will introduce more Surface computers that run on ARM processors. The future PCs will be offered in Qualcomm and Intel flavors, specifically the 14th Gen Intel “Meteor Lake” and the Spandragon X Series, according to sources within Microsoft. Previously, the Surface Pro line was the sole device that offered an ARM processor.

Neural processing units (NPUs) will be included in both Qualcomm and Intel versions to speed up AI-dependent workloads. But Microsoft is reportedly going to focus more on the ARM versions as specially designed hardware for the upcoming Windows version (dubbed “CADMUS PC”). These CADMUS PCs’ exceptional battery life and powerful performance will make them rival Apple Silicon-based products.

Notable display upgrades and new CPUs will be included in the tenth generation Surface Pro. Keep an eye out for improved HDR support, including softened corners, a new anti-glare coating, and a higher maximum brightness. It’s interesting to note that Microsoft is also testing less expensive versions with a 2160×1440 display resolution instead of 2880×1920.

The Surface Pro “10” will also come with revised Type Cover including a dedicated Copilot button, a redesigned front-facing camera with a larger lens, new colors, and NFC connectivity for business users.

Expect to see rounder corners and thinner bezels on the Surface Laptop “6,” along with two different display sizes, more connections (including the Surface Connect, one USB-A, and at least two USB-C), and a new haptic touchpad. In addition, the computer will have a button just for using Copilot (yeah).

In 2024, the Surface Pro “10” and Surface Laptop “6” are projected to garner the most attention; however, Microsoft is also developing a new Surface Laptop Go and a Surface Laptop Studio 2 replacement, which is anticipated in 2025. Furthermore, the company is testing the notion of adding an 11-inch model to the Surface Pro portfolio and providing the new Surface Pro/Laptop with updated hardware for business clients in the original design.

Regretfully, no details are available on Microsoft’s intentions to bring back devices such as Surface Duo or Neo with daring design factors. Now that Panos Panay is no longer with Microsoft, it appears the company is investing all of its Surface funds in reliable, low-risk products.