Microsoft Surface could smash Apple MacBook with a big design upgrade

Microsoft Surface could smash Apple MacBook with a big design upgrade

Microsoft is investigating the chance of using broadband chips in Surface Book and Surface Pro to go up against any semblance of Apple MacBook, as indicated by the most recent patent recorded by the Redmond giant.

Microsoft is taking a gander at an “interchangeable housing panel” where the chassis can be “swapped out” to enable faster internet connectivity and other features.

In the patent filing, Microsoft noticed that it needs to give clients basic and simple to execute “panels”, so you can change the outlook of the gadget and add support for extra features, for example, faster cellular connectivity.

Indeed, you’ll have the option to switch between various ‘costumes’ while holding the integrated and seamless feel. You can likewise switch between “limited” and “high-speed mobile data” connectivity by trading out the ‘standard Wi-Fi connectivity’ module of Surface Pro or Surface Book.

The broadband module would mean better reception and speeds. It very well may be as snappy as Qualcomm-powered Surface Pro X and that’d clearly be a significant advantage.

While it’s surely a fascinating idea, it’s impossible that a particularly secluded Surface Book would have the option to perfectly repair big scratches.

We shouldn’t move excessively diverted with Microsoft’s thought here, however, as this is only a patent. Additionally, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about ‘modular’ Surface products past and Microsoft has likewise filed patents for bendable, foldable products with detachable components.

As consistently with patents, this is no assurance that a completed modular Surface product will show up by any means, yet this shows the way that Microsoft’s hardware research and development division is thinking.

It’s additionally important that the Surface Book 3 is only a few months old and the Surface Book lineup is commonly updated every two years, which implies you shouldn’t anticipate that the next-gen hardware should hit the racks until late 2021 or mid-2022.

While Surface Book 4 isn’t launching anytime soon, Microsoft is as of now wanting to launch Surface Pro 8 with Intel Tiger Lake power. Shockingly, its design will be unaltered from the previous few generations of Surface Pro.