Microsoft To Increase Security for Outlook Personal Accounts

Microsoft To Increase Security for Outlook Personal Accounts

As part of Microsoft’s continuing Microsoft Secure Future Initiative (SFI), the company is developing three new security features for Outlook personal accounts. The upgrades, which will take effect in the later part of 2024, aim to improve security against unwanted access, tampering, and data loss.

The first step will be the discontinuation of Basic Authentication for personal accounts on,, and Beginning September 16, users of those services will be required to switch to Modern Authentication techniques, which include additional backend security processes and tokens, making it more difficult for bad actors to obtain login information and access personal data, according to the business.

“With Modern Authentication methods we apply additional backend process/tokens that users may not notice that add an extra layer of security,” wrote Microsoft’s David Los in a blog post. “Anyone who is attempting to use an application which does not support modern authentication will no longer be able to access their, Hotmail or email from those applications.”

Microsoft stated that the simplest approach to prepare for the September 16 deadline is to use the Outlook app on Windows, iOS, and Android, or to access Outlook via a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Next, Microsoft will discontinue support for both the Mail and Calendar apps by the end of the year, urging users to find the same functionality in the Outlook for Windows app. Microsoft stated the app will include advanced security capabilities such as better junk mail screening and Modern Authentication, which are not available in older stand-alone apps. It also includes user capabilities such as rich text editing and Copilot integration (which are not accessible in standalone apps).

Finally, beginning August 19, the lite version of the Outlook Web application will no longer be supported. This version was previously available for those running outdated browsers. will now require users to utilize current browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

Microsoft also revealed the planned demise of two more Outlook features.

  • On June 30, support for Gmail account access through will be discontinued.
  • The Cortana integration in Outlook features will be deprecated by the end of June.