Microsoft Vets and SpaceX help fund Gradial, a Seattle Startup that uses Generative AI for Marketing, with $5.4 Million

Microsoft Vets and SpaceX help fund Gradial, a Seattle Startup that uses Generative AI for Marketing, with $5.4 Million

In a venture funding round headed by Madrona, Gradial, a recently founded firm in Seattle, raised $5.4 million to support marketing operations teams’ increased productivity with generative AI.

Established by former managers from SpaceX and Microsoft last year, the company’s software enables marketers to create campaigns, websites, and other marketing-related experiences by only typing text. Additionally, it facilitates the streamlining of associated processes to expedite the editing and updating of material. An instance of this would be the integration of a Canva or Figma design onto a business’s website and applications.

Gradial is only one of several emerging companies utilizing the new massive language model technology that is automating code writing, content creation, and many other tasks.

“The emergence of generative AI gives us the ability to re-think how businesses interact with the software workflows and data that they use every day,” Matt McIlwain, managing director at Madrona, wrote in a blog post. “What if we can build on top of these incumbent systems to automate and shape the way we want to work?”

Gradial, formerly known as Pano AI, is aiming to attract a broad spectrum of prospective clients. The program is already being used by a number of Fortune 500 marketing teams.

Doug Tallmadge, the CEO and co-founder of Gradial, stated, “We are building the tools to enable marketing at the speed of thought.”

Additionally, Gradial offers a solution that enables sales teams to surface CRM system data through text prompts.

Tallmadge used to work for SpaceX as a manager of software engineering. Anish Chadalavada, a former AI strategy manager at Microsoft and Point72 Ventures investor, and Deip Kumar, a former employee of SpaceX and Microsoft, are the other co-founders. The three co-founders are all Dartmouth graduates.

According to Chadalavada, customer research indicates that a lot of marketing executives would prefer that their teams devote more time to creative planning and less time to manual implementation.

“The execution process of making content and pushing that across channels into the content management system ends up clogging up a lot of their resources,” he said. “The whiteboarding and the creative time loses as a result.”

Gradial now has seven employees, and with the additional investment, that number will rise.

Space Capital, Outsiders Fund, and General Advance also contributed to the seed round of funding.