Microsoft’s Touching Super Bowl Ad Unveils Xbox Adaptive Controller Designed for All Gamers

Microsoft’s Touching Super Bowl Ad Unveils Xbox Adaptive Controller Designed for All Gamers

Microsoft is back following a four-year break from Super Bowl commercials. This year, the company’s promotion will focus on its Xbox Adaptive Controller and gaming availability.

On Thursday, Microsoft posted its 2019 Super Bowl business on YouTube. Named “We All Win,” the all-inclusive variant video features young gamers with disabilities and how the Xbox Adaptive Controller has helped them play their favorite video games.

“This Super Bowl, follow the inspirational story of passionate young gamers rising to the top of their game with a little help from their friends, family and the Xbox Adaptive Controller,” Microsoft said in the commercial’s description. “The story illustrates Microsoft’s commitment to building accessible technology that levels the playing field and creates opportunity for all of us.”

The Xbox Adaptive Controller, which retails for $99.99 on, is designed for gamers with limited mobility: It’s a unified hub that works with a range of devices and connects with buttons, joysticks, mounts, and switches for a customized controller experience. Gamers can likewise utilize the Xbox Gaming Accessories application on Xbox One to make and spare numerous controller profiles. Like other Xbox controllers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller highlights Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, Copilot, a 3.5-millimeter stereo headset jack, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Be that as it may, this Super Bowl business isn’t just about the Xbox Adaptive Controller. There’s a greater picture with regards to gaming accessibility. The business, which is a piece of Microsoft’s “empowering” advertisements, demonstrates an additionally inspiring message on how all video game fans can have some fun playing Xbox, and not experience equipment design limits, The Verge reported.

You can buy the Xbox Adaptive Controller on Xbox’s website. Microsoft will show a 60-second version of the commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.