Mineski and Viber combine efforts for a social minigame platform

Mineski and Viber combine efforts for a social minigame platform

Gaming goliath Mineski has collaborated with Viber to develop a social mingame platform which you can play off Viber’s application.

With Mgames, Viber clients might invite their friends to partake in different puzzle and sporting games found on the Mgames platform.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Mineski Philippines CEO Ronald Robins said the platform was worked to make mobile gaming more accessible, as complex genres like Multiple Online Battle Arena games prospered during the pandemic.

“I noticed that my family members were not able to play with me, because I have kids now. So we looked into how we play together, games that we enjoy. Like Roblox, I tried to play with them as well. Going through my daughters obstacles and that was one of the key recipes on why we initiated the project. It was really to connect people regardless of what age,” Robins said.

All clients need to do is to look through Mgames on Viber. They might invite their companions through a remarkable client ID that could be seen as on the client’s “profile” screen on the platform.

Any individuals with a Viber account can access Mgames. Robins shared that they have 3 million clients on the portal, with many minigames to look over.

“Talagang from the platform itself you can have a direct notification to other viber users. To challenge and simply go to the platform and do a one-click process in notifications and you can already play with your friends. So it’s a very easy and fast way to play and socialize with very casual gamers,” Robins said.

There are two options to invite players: One for a one-on-one game and making a private lobby which could house as much as 10,000 individuals.

Business Process Outsourcing organizations use the platform for their team building exercises, Robins said, refering to the huge number of individuals permitted inside the private lobbies.

“[They use it for] employee engagement, maraming ganoon… May BPO customers [who use] MGames every week may sarili silang torunament because it’s so simple pwede guys kahit hindi marunong mag-Mobile Legends,” Robins said.