Montony has announced the release of his new music called *parvaz*

Montony has announced the release of his new music called *parvaz*

He also mentioned that this music was mixed and mastered by avan Yousefi.

  And he was asked some common questions about the production parts of the work, and he also gave short explanations about the parts of a music production, first of all, he talked about the production of poetry and melody, as well as arrangement, and finally mixing and master work, and explanations in About mixing and mastering, most people don’t know anything about it.

What is mixing and mastering?

Mixing and mastering the song are two operations that are done separately, and by using it, we can bring order and integrity to our music project.

In the process of making and producing music, after coming up with an idea and going through the stages of composition and arrangement, we go to record the project and record each of the lines (we call any of the sounds in the song a line or track, such as a guitar line, a line lawyer and…).

But the work does not end here.

If we listen to the song we have recorded, we will have a lot of disorder and imbalance between the lines, which is not pleasant for us to listen to.

  Naturally, all the lines cannot be recorded at the same level, and after that, an order and balance must be created between the sounds. The voice we hear should be pleasant and each voice should be heard in its proper place with the rest of the voices.

What is mixing?

What does mix mean? The first step after recording the sounds of the song is mixing.

As mentioned, after recording the lines, our song is very irregular and doesn’t have good dynamics (in short, it’s all busy).

  Our goal at this stage is to organize the lines first. In the mixing stage, we are going to take all the lines and fix their problems.

What is mastering?

What does mastering mean? Mastering is the last process of song production. In fact, at this stage we will get the best possible sound from the lines side by side. In the mastering process, the important thing is that all the sounds are placed together in the best possible way. Obviously, after the mastering stage, the project is ready to be played. So we have to do our best so that the lines have an ideal and high-quality sound.

Think of mastering as the final polishing and sanding. The lines are supposed to shine in this final stage and all together give the best possible sound. From the sound of your own monitoring speaker, to the small speaker of mobile phones and big and strong party speakers. It doesn’t matter, we have to consider and prepare our song for all audio systems.

The term mastering is derived from the word master copy. All versions of the song are output from the mastering channel. Now these versions can be offered in the form of vinyl (Vinyl, the same as gramophone discs), CD and DVD or in the form of music services such as Spotify, Soundcloud or iTunes.

With the help of mastering, we can create a complete and integrated sound from all lines, both in the form of a single track and in the form of an album.