Most Recent Version Of Google Maps Adds Two Useful New Features

Most Recent Version Of Google Maps Adds Two Useful New Features

Google Maps updates frequently, and users have noticed two new changes that have been subtly added to the Android app: one addresses electric vehicle navigation, while the other identifies specific routes.

The first is EV charging, which was discovered by SmartDroid (via 9to5Google). By tapping on the appropriate filter option located beneath the main search bar at the top of the page, users of the Android app can view charging stations that are in their area.

However, to view it, you must configure your car to be recognized as an electric vehicle. You can do this from the Google Maps Settings > Your vehicle option. If your car is gas-powered, you will get a quick link to gas stations instead of the default vehicle type.

It appears that the same update that was implemented for Android Auto last year has also reached the Android app. Google unveiled a few new AI-powered features last month that aim to simplify the process of reaching an EV charging station.

When you search for a road, the second Google Maps tweak—which is also available through SmartDroid and 9to5Google—allows you to see the entire road highlighted in blue. Before, all you had to guide you to it was a pin stuck in the center of the road.

This helps you get a better understanding of the size of a route you’re looking for by showing you its beginning and ending points as well as its overall area on the map. Of course, if necessary, you may still use the navigation to get to any particular location on the route.

Then, there are two relatively small changes that should both improve the usability and convenience of using Google Maps. Regarding whether iOS will receive the same upgrades, nothing is known as of yet.

Tuesday, May 14, marks the start of Google’s Google I/O 2024 software developers event, making this a huge week for the company.