When we think about entering into any profession or business, the first thing that comes to our mind is to reach an appropriate age and time in life and then probably start exploring the opportunities that are being offered to us in the market.  But there exist some mindful and extraordinary people around us, who, without caring about reaching at a right age or time, start exploring their interests and purpose of life, and the opportunities that are being offered to them. One such person with extraordinary business skills and a purpose to help others succeed, at such a young age is Pratham Waghmare.

Pratham Waghmare was born on 2nd April 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra. He is just 21 years old at present and has touched such heights of success where lakhs of people are dreaming and aspiring to reach every day. He is the CEO of RedFire Digital Media. He is a Sales Funnel and a Facebook Ads Specialist. 

The sales funnel is each step a customer goes through in order to become a high ticket customer. For example, if someone is selling a a business strategy consultation service for $10,000, that person selling the service cannot go out on the street and directly sell anyone in his or her target audience a $10,000 service, as they don’t have enough trust built. A sales funnel is a process where the beginning of the funnel can be as simple as a $5 book or pdf for business consultation, then later having higher ticket services and after that the person will easily be able to have enough trust to get the $10,000 service as he’s been through a process and been their customer before for a lower price and built the trust. 

Pratham Waghmare completed his graduation from Cardone University from the year 2016-2020. At present, he resides in Pune, Maharashtra. He has four years of experience in customer acquisition for local businesses and doctors. He helps business owners get clients/customers using Facebook advertisements and funnels. Along with that, he also helps people who want to start an online business by teaching them how to build their marketing agency.

As far as Pratham’s personal life and family is concerned, He told in an interview that he lost his father when he was just a month old. He lives with his mother who has always been very supportive of him and his decisions in life.

 He feels extremely proud of his ability and talent at building good business strategies associated with online marketing. When asked about his career advice to people, he said that a person should choose his/her career path very wisely. He should be proactive and be aware of where he is heading in his life. The person should also not be fearful of the things he is choosing in life, because he believes every big goal to be achieved is on the other side of comfort and safety which is fear,  risking and sacrificing.  His ultimate purpose in life is to help other people become successful in their life and to mark himself as one of the biggest turning points in other people’s lives.