Motorola’s Android 11 update for Edge+ phone has a bonus desktop mode

Motorola’s Android 11 update for Edge+ phone has a bonus desktop mode

Recently, we enlightened you concerning the Android 11 update carrying out to Motorola’s Edge+ phone. Since the changelog that went with the update was insignificant at that point, we contemplated whether Moto didn’t have an additional set of features built-in beyond what Google added to Android. For reasons unknown, they did!

Today, Motorola disclosed to us that the update is authoritatively called “Ready For.” The huge concentration for it is a new desktop mode that starts up when you plug the Edge+ into a display utilizing a USB-C cable. When you do, you get a few various experiences that Motorola has described below:

Mobile Desktop: View different windows without a moment’s delay or investigate videos, artwork, and documents. Also, connect a Bluetooth® keyboard and mouse for a complete desktop experience.

Video Chat: Enjoy higher quality video calls with the option to pick between the 108MP main lens or 16MP ultra-wide lens, which allows you to capture more individuals in a single frame.

Gaming: Play your number one mobile games on the big screen with a benefit because of edge+ and Verizon 5G. Bonus, pair a Bluetooth® controller for an intuitive and hands on gaming.

Television: See all your most loved applications and entertainment initially in an easy-to-read dashboard. Presently when you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to stress over missing your must-watch shows.

All in all, definitely, it’s sort of like Samsung’s DeX, just perhaps more flexible? It looks sort of cool if utilizing your phone to extend its powers is something that interests you. Once more, this is all a part of the Android 11 update that ought to be accessible at this point.