Multi Tasker Archie Panjwani makes it to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES organised by AwardsArc

Multi Tasker Archie Panjwani makes it to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES organised by AwardsArc

When someone is in writing field, we expect them to be very thorough with their thoughts, just concentrated on what are they writing. Surprisingly Archie Panjwani can do more than just writing. She has made her way to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by Awards Arc.

Archie belongs to a nuclear family indulged in business. Archie started writing in class 8th and then she started maintaining her diary where she started writing about her life and herself and that led her to play good with words. She is filled with positive energy and that made her a speaker and a head of NGO. Archie is also a part of writing community which helps the budding writers to grow. She is leading a positive Life today but her journey, some of the other way is filled with hardships.

She, keeping her happiness aside, sacrifice nearly everything for her dreams and friends. She nearly lost her hope to write when her writings were questioned. Archie went through that phase where people asked questions like ,” Do you even know what you are writing?” , ” Can you understand a feeling just by seeing it in film?” And many more.

Archie lost hopes many a times to continue but she’s a fighter and the way she fell down she came back up twice as harder.

Talking about multi-tasking, Archie is a successful writer for sure and she even wishes to explore in project management and she also sees herself as a HR manager improving sales and marketing for companies benefit in the near future.

Archie was selected as one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc for her struggle she went through and her positive energy and never gave up Attitude.

We might see Archie Panjwani as an asset to the country one day.