Music and DJ in strong growth, Antonio Tallarico release: “Flamingo”

Music and DJ in strong growth, Antonio Tallarico release: “Flamingo”

Out on all digital platforms “Flamingo” the new single by Antonio Tallarico. Antonio Tallarico born in 1992 in Manerbio (BS) on March 7th and immediately got noticed in the music scene for his great skills as an artist.

This latest release by Tallarico wants to remember the end of summer for this reason it uses the name “Flamingo” in Italian “Flamingo” precisely because the flamingos are a type of birds distributed throughout the Americas, including the Caribbean, the flamingos of Africa, Asia and Europe are therefore settled in “warm” habitats that recall our Italian summer. Antonio in this track uses a tech house genre with techno nuances with A minor tonality. From industry experts it can be seen that Flamingo’s hit was developed in 124 bpm and was intentionally conceived for the dance floor.

Antonio is currently known by everyone for other releases under the AR.MS.Empire label such as: Losing Control and Night Storm.
Antonio Tallarico’s path began at 18, approaching the world of DJs and nightlife up to all over the world, on his website and on the net you can find news about him just look at his facebook page and on his instagram profile , where his IG account alone now has over 20,000 fans in target which for his dj category is certainly very high.

In order not to miss other news from our beloved artist Antonio, it is therefore essential to stay connected on his social profiles while waiting for other trendy hits.

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