“Musk’s Childhood Memory Gate”-Wario Storm Rising Soon to Bend

“Musk’s Childhood Memory Gate”-Wario Storm Rising Soon to Bend

On May 8, the cryptocurrency Shib (commonly known as Shiba Inu Coin/Shitcoin) surged in price by more than 251%, with a trading volume of 40.3 billion yuan, making it to the Weibo hot search. The coin can be said to have suddenly gone viral after dogcoin created the myth of outrageous wealth. Since March 2021, Musk has mentioned “Shib” in his tweets several times. It can be said that the surge of dogcoin is largely due to Musk’s ability to “bring in the goods”, so most cryptocurrency investors see Shib as the next dogcoin. In addition to Musk, Jordan Belfort, the protagonist of the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, also publicly supported SHIB in his tweet.

We can see that it can be said that it is the 10,000 times coin after the Great Aunt (YFI) since the rise of DeFi. According to statistics, besides SHIB and AKITA there are also animal concept coins on the market such as piggy coin and fox coin. Although a lot of similar projects have come out recently, we also see such a fun project from which we trace our childhood memories – Wario, let’s look at it in detail, miss Shib don’t miss Wario!

Childhood is the dream of the real, is the dream of the real, is the memory of the smile with tears. Speaking of childhood, there are a lot of emotions. All people have needs in both the material and spiritual worlds, and entertainment is an important means of satisfying spiritual needs. From realistic mini-games to online competitions, along with growing up, we have been constantly inventing various new games to enrich our lives. As the first video game that many people came into contact with, Super Mario Bros. can definitely draw a strong mark in the history of console games. Wario, which Musk recently tweeted a crazy call, was shown to us with an almost fairy tale like narrative in such a game world that was completely shelved.

NFT has become a hot spot in the blockchain field all over the world, and has even caused a huge stir in many fields such as art, venture capital, and finance because of the circle-breaking nature of NFT. Is NFT a windfall or a bubble? There is a sentence in Marx’s Capital – use value is the relationship between people and things, value is the relationship between people and people! How about the relationship between Wario and NFT? Wario is the most avant-garde use case of NFT and has shown everyone the infinite possibilities of combining NFT with art, games and other fields. Inspired by this, Wario is a virtual game world where, through a conceptual model based on NFT,, players can create and have different game experiences and gain from them.

Wario is the first token officially released as a 100% decentralized project established from Twitter Musk fans, this project promises no protection and no smash, no private public offering, officially stated that 20% of its tokens add liquidity and 80% of the proceeds are all donated to the spaceX human aerospace cause, towards Mars! The project has given up ownership, completely driven by community autonomy. All data is transparently chain-checkable, fair, just and reasonable, laying a good foundation for community governance. Through extreme deflation, the number of coins is getting smaller and the applications are getting wider, thus adding value to Wario. The following are the project details.

Project name: Wario

Affiliated public chain: BSC

Token name: wario

Total number of tokens:1000 trillion

Issuance form:airdrop+pancakeswap

Contract address:0x8a502a0179227381cd9be173aac52c8d938a487d

Current trading address: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap

For more information, please pay attention to the official telegraph group: https://t.me/WarioNFT

Wario’s retrospective childhood moment is coming, missed Doge, missed SHIB, have to miss Musk’s Wario?!

According to industry analysis, Wario’s deflation is very powerful because the project is by smart contract rules 5% of each transaction will be sucked away by the black hole, which is one of the reasons why Wario is favored by many users. In addition, according to reliable news, Wario has been favored by many capital institutions and is expected to reach further strategic cooperation to jointly open up a new world for Wario’s future ecology.

Finally, in conclusion, in this wave of the red sea period of the bull market, dog coin, PIG, SHIB crazy rise in the time period, the opportunity is fleeting, in the case of not knowing Wario, that in the bull market is left with only two words: regret! One small step of Wario, a big step for human exploration of outer space! Musk crazy call “childhood memories of the door”, as the family of newborn son – put the long line of Wario like there will eventually be poetry and far away!