Mycall Obas: Top Tips for Success in the Music Industry

Mycall Obas: Top Tips for Success in the Music Industry

Mycall Obas (O.B.A.$) is a Connecticut-based hip hop artist who has been making music since he was 15-years-old.

Obas has been a professional artist since 2005 and has a new project coming out in March.

His motto: Only Believers Achieve Success.

A Haitian-American, Obas visited Haiti with his mother when he was about six. An experience Obas says was filled with political turmoil and struggle.

Obas says the experience instilled a toughness in him, but also a sense of empathy.

In today’s interview, Obas shares his top tips for success in the music industry.

“You need to have laser focus,” says Obas.

Obas says that becoming successful in the music industry is difficult and too many people fail to go all in.

“If you’re not focused on becoming the greatest you can be in music, you may never achieve your full potential.”

Obas says the industry is competitive because many people want to become artists and are tirelessly promoting themselves.

“It takes a certain amount of hard work and independence,” says Obas.

He says that everybody knows somebody who wants to become an artist, which means it’s even more important to stand out from the crowd.

“This dream is going to take an absurd amount of time and push.”

Obas says you need to believe that you truly want the dream.

Then you need to do whatever it takes to achieve it without selling your soul.

He encourages young people entering the industry to maintain their own set of values and continue being themselves, but also forge greatness through sweat and hard work.

Obas also recommends people enter the music industry because it’s their passion.

“There are other ways to build assets and wealth,” says Obas.

Obas says people need to be patient too because making music takes time and can be repetitive.

“It’s one block at a time, one fan at a time,” says Obas.

“There will be so many days where you don’t see anything happening in its physical form, but things are really happening behind the scenes.”

Obassays to become an artist, you need to be relentless, even if people don’t support you.

“A lot of people are going to think you’re crazy. A lot of people are going to think you lost your mind, but don’t let that stop you,” says Obas.

You need to believe you can achieve it.

It’s like his motto: Only Believers Achieve Success.

But according to Obas, achieving great heights in the music industry is about more than simply believing in yourself. It’s also about mindset and being aware of your thoughts and patterns as a person.

“You have to watch what you speak into your life, you have to watch what you believe in to your life and you have to watch your thoughts because your thoughts will manifest themselves,” says Obas.

“Don’t let those negative outside forces infiltrate your mind, your body, your soul and whatever you’re trying to do.”

Obas says he believes people can themselves to win.

“That’s what I do every day,” says Obas.

“I wake up and will myself into victory.”

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