Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro Who trained UAE Government Officials is entering the list of the top five Fitness trainers in Dubai 2020

Today in most of the people around 2021 resolution will surely be fitness or workout goals or consuming health. Being honest here, with this high-speed flow of life, we never get to achieve our goal. Very few people stick to their long term purpose and do what they intended for. But that’s okay because staying driven all year round isn’t easy as it seems. Famous fitness trainer Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro, says that “To stay motivated all year round you have to prioritize your goals first!”. 

So, is your goal on the cover of your 2021 resolution list?

Today in 2020 we all came to know that fitness is what comes on the top of the list all thanks to Pandemic. Now people are understanding eating right and doing regular exercise. It is not easy to plan out training and remain motivated all the time. 

Our Instagram renowned fitness trainer is inspiring millions of people worldwide from normal ones to celebrities and also Sports athletes. With stunning pictures of Dubai with some beast machine and macho body. This bodybuilder and Fitness trainer Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro is in the limelight due to his fantastic lifestyle. 

This Instagram fitness trainer not only posts motivational posts, but they also give full workout plans, diet charts, do and don’ts, pros, and cons and more helpful knowledge that could make you stick to that 2021 goal.

Dive into this famous fitness trainer Instagram account. And get all the exciting detail and crisp of Motivation. Follow Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro account on youtube and IG now and pursue that goal you have been putting off. 

Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro is a standout amongst the famous fitness trainers in Dubai as well as he is viewed up by his infinite followers who are motivated with the Insta feed. Najm Retro is an expert or says PRO when it comes to giving fitness training to celebrities, sportspeople and bodybuilders. 

His fitness programs are effective and life-changing too. Currently, he is rated as the best fitness trainer in Dubai, Best Celebrity Fitness trainer and Best Athlete fitness trainer in Dubai. He is known for giving satisfactory results to his clients. He was in fame in recent time when he was called for helping some of the top cricketers in Sharjah IPL 2020.