NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

At the point when NASA re-visitations of the Moon at some point in 2024, it wants to have an effective and solid path for its astronauts to speak with each other, and it’s going to mobile pioneer Nokia for help. This week, the space office said it will give Nokia 14.1 million in funding to work out a 4G LTE cellular network on the lunar surface.

NASA Associate Administrator James Reuter revealed to United Press International cellular service on the Moon could empower correspondence between lunar habitats and the astronauts out investigating its surface. It could likewise give a path to the agency to speak with spacecraft. “With NASA funding, Nokia will look at how terrestrial technology could be modified for the lunar environment to support reliable, high-rate communications,” he said.

The agreement is essential for $370 million in new Artemis funding NASA reported for the current week. A significant part of the cash went to organizations like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance.

This isn’t Nokia’s first attempt to carry LTE to the Moon. In 2018, the organization banded together with German space firm PTScientists and UK carrier Vodafone set for re-visitation of the site of the Apollo 17 landing. As a major aspect of the project, Nokia and Vodafone had planned to construct a Moon-based LTE network that would have sent high-definition video from the Moon to those of us back here on Earth, however the mission never got off the ground.

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