Native American rapper Young Kcaz is one of many recording artists brought under fire for their lyrics and social media presence

Bay Area/Central Coast artist Young Kcaz is one of many in a slough of recording artist brought under fire for their lyrics and social media presence. The multiracial Native American rappers lyrics range from drug dealing,hype and street culture, mixed with controversial viewpoints in lyric driven hip-hop. His parents were recently arrested for drugs and weapons, the young entrepreneur has been charged with 5 felonies with the only evidence being 20 pieces of cited social media and lyrical content marked as the lighting rod against free speech in the Covid laden year 2021.

In an interview we asked him to describe the day in question:

“So basically I was just bein cool how I be cool and the police slid on me with automatic weapons and shit beams and shit tellen me if I moved they gonna shoot me so I got down and they started searching me looking for a gun they said there’s no gun wtf and then seen a girl they know I will be within her car so they said oh search that car. Shit dumb illegal I ain’t show up in that car and they find a gun and some drugs and say they mine because we are close and I’m known to be in the car. The case is based on the seen a gun that looks like it on my social media but it’s not the same gun. They tryna give me 5 yrs in prison for this bull shit and fake ass po lease work. They hella racist and weird out here “

The rapper says the DA told him he has been under investigation since a pre- COVID 2019 and has been harassed and or pulled over 30 times in the last year roughly.

Many artist from C-Murder to Drakeo more recently have been victims of this attack on young minorities through there artistic expression. He has not been offered a deal or had any charges dropped since he bailed out of Santa Cruz CA county jail.

Growing up in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz CA Young Kcaz’s music has a non regional sound kind of like you mixed Trippie Redd with E40 and Griselda.
He has worked with artists such as San Quinn Dubee Mistah Fab and most recently Peso Peso. His music can be found on all platforms by Google searching “Young Kcaz”