Neo Smart Curtains launching Kickstarter Campaign for their Go Smart Curtains

Neo Smart Curtains launching Kickstarter Campaign for their Go Smart Curtains

A leader in motorized blinds since 2012, Neo Smart Blinds plans to launch their Kickstarter Campaign for their Go Smart Curtains on August 19th. These smart curtains provide the perfect balance of style and convenience in our connected world. Neo Smart Blinds has an excellent record of entrepreneurial success with their motorized blinds controllers and Bluetooth motors, making lives easier by automating blinds affordably and sustainably. Go Smart Curtains is just their newest venture.

What sets Go Smart Curtains apart:

  • Adjustable: track extends to fit almost any window
  • Connected: WiFi/Bluetooth enables app control (iOS/Android) and voice control (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts)
  • Flexible: Battery-powered, solar-powered,  and plug-in options
  • Manageable: Easy to install and take with you when you move
  • Affordable: $149 USD vs other brands on the market up to $1000 USD
  • Big discount for Kickstarter backers

Go Smart Curtains are an extendable, easy-to-install curtain track system that fits virtually any window and can easily open and close curtains with a  remote control, dedicated app on any device, or a gentle tug. The curtain system also allows owners to use their preferred voice control system (Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts) With a few easy steps, Go Smart Curtains can also connect to a home’s Wi-Fi and allow owners to open and close curtains from anywhere using either the Android or iOS apps.

If you plan to move to a new place, you don’t have to worry about throwing your curtains away. The curtain system can be moved to a new location and you can adjust the track to fit your new windows. This eliminates wasted material and saves you from the hassle of measuring and installing new curtains.

Neo Smart Blinds understood that other curtain systems in the marketplace can be quite expensive, with windows costing up to $1000, which is why they decided to create this curtain system. So, for a fraction of the cost, the system provides a patent-pending universal-fit extendable motorized curtain track with IoT connectivity that is adaptable to a wide range of window lengths. 

There is definitely no need to worry about the length of the window because the Go Smart Curtains track comes in 2 lengths, to fit almost any window.  These curtains are motorized, the rechargeable battery that comes with the curtains can last up to 10 months (depending on weight of curtains and frequency of use), so users just need to charge it once or twice a year. Also, with the optional solar panel charger, a sunny window will keep the battery charged indefinitely.

For those interested in the Go Smart Curtains System, you can register on the website to be notified when the campaign is launched, receive updates about the product and company, and benefit from early discounts.