NRI Lalit Sarswat makes it to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc

Being an NRI gives you an amazing advantage that how you can benefit your country in many ways and fortunately Lalit Sarswat is willing to do the same and his inspiring journey led him to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Lalit Sarswat is a very talented person. Speaking of his profession, his professional and bachelor degrees were obtained from the city of joy, Kolkata. He Completed B-Com(H) and CA from here itself. He Started his first step towards professional career in Kolkata from a large corporate house in the year 2007 and thereafter since last 12 years working in Nigeria as Top Management Authority in a Large Business Conglomerate.
Other than that Lalit is also a very amazing writer and he has achieved a lot there too.

Lalit has been co-author of 32 books till now and more than 25 are on their way. He is a writer who’s awarded certain times for his excellency he shows towards his passion. He has also bagged many thanks for his profession life as well. Lalit is calm and patient in his best and worst days as he says ,”Life itself is like a cycle wheel where happiness and sorrow are constantly moving in and out of our lives. So even if its the hardest time of my life I always keep moving.”

Lalit loves to live in present, as thinking about future and ignoring the past can create havocs. Lalit is very dedicated towards his passion.

He has really managed good amount of time between his passion and profession and his positive attitude towards everything made him as one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We might see him as a great personality who will inspire people.