NYC Stretching Flexibility Course by Karina Blackwood: Double Your Flexibility in 30 days

NYC Stretching Flexibility Course by Karina Blackwood: Double Your Flexibility in 30 days

By the time most people reach adulthood they’ve lost the functional flexibility. The good news is you can regain your lost flexibility with a results-driven flexibility training regimen, leading you toward a balanced body and reducing your risk of injury for life. 

If you’ve tried long, ineffective stretching programs that simply don’t provide the results they promise in the past, we have a solution. 

Karina Blackwood is a professional yoga and pilates instructor based in NYC. She developed her NYC Stretching Flexibility Course to teach you online how to achieve a flexible body, work on your splits and backends. Its 20 flexibility classes (15 videos + 5 bonus videos for complete transformation) provide over 200 different exercises, welcoming all levels and allowing you to see results in 2 weeks at the comfort of your home. 

Whether you’re new to movement, experiencing knee or hip pain, or just looking for a program to ease you back into working out, this is the best place to START! 

The course is perfect for anyone who want to:

  • Prevent injuries and minimize muscle pain.
  • Improve physical performance and optimize range of motions for dance, run or other activities.
  • Achieve splits and deepen backbends.
  • Prefers to exercise at home.
  • Likes to proceed at their own pace.

The NYC Stretching Course is a complete program with live feedback serving flexibility-focused routines. The good news is that you can start slow and then progressively increase the intensity. 

Here are some of the benefits of joining Karina’s Online Course:

  • The instructors give a lot of modifications for different levels: beginner-friendly.
  • You get lifetime access to our Private FB group. PLUS, a full month of suggested programming and awesome self-care tips and motivation.
  • You get to learn over 100 active and passive stretches for the whole body. 
  • You will finally understand everything you need to open up your joints and muscles while you sweat.
  • You get personal attention every time you show up.
  • You may ask questions on Q&A sessions. 
  • All done in the comfort of your home! And it connects on any digital devices. No equipment needed.

Are you ready to start stretching and opening your lower body to even achieve a safe pose with full splits with short 30-minute online sessions? Join now

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Stretches for Flexibility 

Flexibility, joint health and balance — characteristics that become increasingly more significant as we age. Along the years, all these things affect our overall well being and factor into how much movement we retain. So how can stretching daily change your body and overall health?

1. You will feel splendid and ready to go — even at 6 PM

If you are one of those people that feel completely done by mid-evening, a stretch break will strengthen and brighten you. Only a couple minutes of stretching can increase blood flow through your whole body. 

2. You are more likely to feel less clumsy

Researchers say that people who stretch for 30 minutes a day are more likely to balance longer than those who don’t. That’s because stretching helps with muscle coordination—meaning those who stretch regularly are less likely to trip and fall.  

3. You will feel less sore even after a 8-hour working day sitting in front of a computer

Stretching can relieve a stiff back as well as tight muscles and joints. So if you’re a 9-5 worker that sits in front of a computer every day, being more flexible will help you not only stretch your muscles but revive the body, and battle off soreness more quickly.

4. If you are a sports enthusiast you are more likely to avoid injuries

It’s no surprise that incorporating stretching into your warm-up helps your body get ready for exercise. But stretching after a workout also helps with giving your body a kick off on recovery while also releasing stress and tension, and boosting the flexibility of your joints.

5. You will feel happier

Stretching can help manage tension both physically and mentally.By relieving muscle tension, stretching tricks you into feeling more loose and allows your muscles to let go of where you’re carrying stress, helping you to relax faster.

6. You will sleep better

Getting in touch with your body by stretching helps to focus your attention on your breath and body and therefore helps you to fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

I absolutely LOVED it!! It was something I looked forward to when I woke up in the morning. I felt relaxed, flexible, and strong.

– NYC Stretching Client

We’ve developed the perfect online stretching routine that will help you stretch and open your lower body to even achieve a safe pose with full splits with short 30-minute online sessions.

 If you feel that you are not flexible enough and lack one of the items mentioned above, this is an excellent way to start practicing stretching: Join now.

About Karina Blackwood

Hi! My Name is Karina,

I used to be a stiff office worker who had all the common nagging pains you probably have now. I couldn’t even touch my toes!

I’ve tried yoga and stretching exercises, but didn’t see much improvement, until now. 

Through trial and error, as well as hours of personal practice, I finally found what works and have been helping people improve their flexibility and live pain free for over 5 years. 

Are you ready to finally start moving pain free???

Try my Flexibility Course that I’ve developed over the years. I’ve been teaching yoga and Pilates in Manhattan for years and I’ve created this program for people who don’t have enough time to go to classes or want to save money. NYC Stretching is like an online one-on-one training that you can take anytime, anywhere.

I can’t wait to stretch with you.