Ohio Energy Management and James Ziegan The Next Big Thing In Ohio Deregulated Energy Market? Find Out Now

Ohio Energy Management and James Ziegan The Next Big Thing In Ohio Deregulated Energy Market? Find Out Now

Ohio has a deregulated energy market. With the entry of Ohio Energy Management Company, it was evident that there was a new force in the market. This company, founded by James Ziegan, was advocating for sustainability and demand cost reduction. But the big question was, how were they going to achieve this objective? One of the ways was going to be by taking advantage of the LED lighting revolution, slashing energy demand by 40%- 60% to increase sustainability. Ohio Energy Management replaced utility-owned infrastructure in lowering energy costs, drastically reducing costs and passing all savings directly to customers. 

About James Ziegan

James Ziegan has been at the forefront of helping people grow and being a solution provider to companies. Dominating the Ohio Energy Market, James company uses an advanced funding solution to fund Energy Efficiency projects commercially. In addition, he has created a proprietary marketing and sales platform. This company assists contractors in developing new business while providing a solution to drive new revenue from existing customers. As a result, Ohio Energy Management Company has emerged as the fastest-growing Energy Efficiency Company in Ohio. 

Why James Ziegan Is Your #1 Choice In Energy

  1. Putting Employees And Customers First

James Ziegan gives credit to his team’s ability. His company is team-oriented and provides profit share to employees. The “Energy Alpha”, as popularly known, can make customers’ energy usage go to work for them. According to this visionary man, employees and customers come first. He understands the power that both parties behold in shaping the company to achieve its objectives. 

  1. Overcoming Challenges

No success path is smooth, and you will always encounter challenges of different kinds. James faced many challenges as a young entrepreneur. Some of these challenges included a lack of respect and meeting lots of distractions. However, James did not allow those challenges to weigh him down. Instead, he let his actions and results speak for him and kept the big picture in mind, and that is how he conquered. At first, James always felt like he never wanted to be poor. And as time went by, he realized that he was creating a real opportunity for his employees and a second to none solution for his customers. This step motivated him to keep obtaining new levels of success. 

  1. The 3 P’s

The 3 P’s stand for patience, passion and persistence. These characters are evident in James’ life. He works out his craft with so much passion while patiently waiting for results. He has been consistent for over a decade since he began his work when he was 18. Persistence is the name of the game. 

Are you a startup or looking forward to joining the energy industry one day? You can learn the above lessons from James. He has a customer base of 107 businesses with a 99% retention rate. He also doubled his revenue every year for the past five years. He has managed to change the way customers view their energy usage. 

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