OMAX blockchain changes the narratives of the crypto industry

OMAX blockchain changes the narratives of the crypto industry

What do you look for in blockchain technology? If you answered this question with any of these three words, Speed, Security or scalability then OMAX COIN is for you.

With OMAX launching their own blockchain on the mainnet on August 19th, there has never been a better time to join the 20,000 strong members on telegram and the 30,000+ holders of the OMAX token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (Bep20).

Speed, Security and scalability are three things that the team at Omax Coin have been diligently forming and testing since they began developing the Omax blockchain in early 2022.

With the highest rate of transactions per second (tps) of any blockchain, topping off currently at 125k tps in the testnet phase of the blockchain development. Omax Coin has more than doubled what was the highest tps, making it look miniscule at just 50k tps. To put that into perspective, here is the processing speed of two non blockchain systems, Paypal currently runs at a rate of 193 transactions per second, whilst Visa is capable of processing up to 1900 transactions per second.

Security is of the utmost importance to the Omax team, with many projects and processes coming under fire recently. They are so confident in their security that they have offered a reward to anyone who can find bugs or problems in their blockchain.

With scalability issues being identified in many blockchain projects, Omax has developed their technology with On-chain solutions like the ability to modify elements of the block chain, like the blocks for example. One such solution is the ability to increase the blocks to a very large size.

With a completely original, layer 1, proof of stake protocol. Omax will disrupt the crypto space in 2022. The only remaining question is, when will you get in?