One Day Prior To Google I/O, OpenAI Will Debut Their AI-powered Search Engine

One Day Prior To Google I/O, OpenAI Will Debut Their AI-powered Search Engine

It has long been apparent that OpenAI intends to release an AI-enhanced search engine; now, a fresh report says the business intends to pull an early coup by trying to outdo Google I/O 2024.

Google will hold its yearly developer conference on Tuesday, May 14. This event often features the company’s most significant announcements of the year. New information on Google’s intentions with AI and Search, and how the two will continue to integrate, are highly anticipated.

However, Google might now have to contend with one of its main competitors in AI challenging Google’s flagship product, Search. According to Reuters, OpenAI intends to introduce an AI-powered search engine on Monday, May 13, competing with Google Search.

Although OpenAI has not officially announced the date, it follows rumors that the product will be released soon.

According to a report by Bloomberg earlier this week, OpenAI’s search engine is intended to compete with Google and Perplexity, an established AI search tool. According to that study, users would be able to ask ChatGPT questions and receive effective answers from the chatbot that included citations from various online sources, including Wikipedia, news articles, and blog entries. It appears that images would also be included if the question called for them.

Several sources have noted that has been quietly displaying indicators of life as of late, which may be an indication of OpenAI’s intentions. Currently, ChatGPT customers can technically already use search capabilities, but only if they are paying for the service.

Meanwhile, Google has been testing the Search Generative Experience (SGE) with “Labs” testers and quickly enhancing its Gemini AI models and chatbot. Along with hinting to SGE growth, the business recently named a new “Head of Search” and began displaying “AI Answers” to users who had not registered for “Labs.” Additionally, rumors have it that Google is thinking of charging for SGE.