One Month After Debuting On iOS, Google Drive’s Latest Search Filters Now Support Android

One Month After Debuting On iOS, Google Drive’s Latest Search Filters Now Support Android

Google Drive ranks well among the cloud storage choices in 2024 for a reason. In addition to being straightforward and user-friendly, the integration will be excellent if you frequently utilize Google products and services. The company, of course, never rests on its laurels and regularly adds new, user-friendly features to the platform.

These include things like a redesigned online search bar, dark mode, improved file organization, and much more. It appears that Google is prepared to improve Drive even further, this time by launching a clever function that debuted on iOS smartphones last month.

Use The New Filters To Get Faster Results

With the new filter categories that will appear just below the search bar, Android users will now have an easier time searching for files in the future. Filters by File Type, Owners, and Last Modified will be available to users. File access will now be much faster than before, and queries will become more precise.

On the search results page, visitors will now have the ability to further refine their queries. This update ought to be accessible to both personal Google account holders and users of Google Workspace. This new tool will undoubtedly enhance the Google Drive search experience, even though it has been long overdue.

From the above image, you can see how this new update will appear. Additionally, you can always get the most recent Google Drive update via the Play Store if you own an Android smartphone. You can always try Google Drive and receive 15GB of free storage if you haven’t used it before. This is helpful if you’re seeking for a simple solution to save files and view them from anywhere.