OnePlus Pad Go: Lower Resolution, October 6 Launch

OnePlus Pad Go: Lower Resolution, October 6 Launch

Although there is no secret about the OnePlus Pad Go, the hype mill is now in full gear as we have received an official teaser, some specifications, and a potential release date.

OnePlus has already begun teasing the OnePlus Pad Go on Twitter and X, initially with a somewhat cryptic teaser last week. A complete photograph of the gadget has since been uploaded on the OnePlus India account. Though it has a considerably lighter shade of green and a two-tone design than the standard OnePlus Pad, the design is essentially the same.

In addition, OnePlus told Digital Trends a few important facts about the tablet.

OnePlus confirmed in a statement to the source that the Pad Go will sport a 2.4K display. Compared to the 2.8K panel available in the basic OnePlus Pad, that represents a marginal decrease. Although it’s unclear whether the less expensive model will maintain the same 144Hz refresh rate, having a high-res display on a low-cost device will be a pleasant change of pace from the majority of current options.

Additionally, OnePlus affirms that the display will support Dolby Atmos through the tablet’s speakers and will give the same TÜV Rheinland certification for eye health. The same cross-device functionalities will largely continue to be supported.

The release date of this tablet hasn’t been officially announced by OnePlus. However, Android Authority does indicate an October 6 release date for the OnePlus Pad Go that was sent to a few journalists via email.