OpenAI Acquires an Enterprise Startup To Help Customers Sort Through Data

OpenAI Acquires an Enterprise Startup To Help Customers Sort Through Data

OpenAI has acquired Rockset, an enterprise search and analytics business, in what is the company’s largest purchase to date.

The ChatGPT maker stated that it intends to incorporate Rockset’s technology to assist commercial clients and developers in making better use of their data on OpenAI’s platform. Some members of the Rockset team will also join OpenAI. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

OpenAI is competing with Anthropic and Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG)’s Google to create the most capable AI models and combine them with enticing services that businesses may purchase. The business was valued at $86 billion in a tender offer in February and is expected to produce $3.4 billion in sales this year, according to Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman’s latest speech to workers.

Rockset, founded by former Facebook workers, provides technology to extract, index, and search data for businesses in areas ranging from gaming to banking. Rockset secured $44 million in August, led by Icon Ventures and with participation from Sequoia and Greylock. The startup has raised $105 million in capital thus far.

While OpenAI has previously acquired companies, this is the first time it will be merging both the company’s technology and workforce, according to an OpenAI spokeswoman.

“Rockset’s infrastructure empowers companies to transform their data into actionable intelligence,” said Brad Lightcap, OpenAI’s chief operating officer, in a blog post. “We’re excited to bring these benefits to our customers by integrating Rockset’s foundation into OpenAI products.”